Thanks for the bashed wing mirror

Didn’t bother to stop. The strange thing was that as she comes around the corner in the distance she is on the other side of the road then almost aligns herself up to scrape down the side of my car. Doesn’t even slow down, just carried on going.

Bloody Bloody.


Registration LB11CWO
Tax Status Taxed. Expires August 1, 2015
MOT Status Valid MOT. Expires May 1, 2016
First Registered June 29, 2011
Make/Model VW Golf
CO2 Emissions 109 g/km
Engine Capacity 1598cc
Vehicle Type 2 Axle Rigid Body
Fuel Type Diesel

Raspberry Pi GPIO Start-up Script

On powering/reset of the Raspberry Pi connected to a relay board, the state of the relays needs to be defined and set.

Depending on your project it might not matter what state the relays are when the RPi is turned ON but for the piTank it is critical! (battery backup to come… but still this solution is needed)

The ‘original‘ WebUI does have a script on loading the webpage to define the pin modes but if there is a power cut and the RPi is restarted, we need these values set and activated when the RPi boots in case nobody loads the piTank webpage – thus not setting the pin modes or turning the heater/filter on.

The fix to this issue is

GPIO Readall

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Raspberry Pi Aquarium Controller WebUI

So after some playing around I am going for a Windows Metro style web interface for the piTank controller. At the moment the interface can be used to view the current time and date of the system, display 2 different external temperature readings and control the 8 way 10 amp 240v relay which the filter, heater, lights and alike connect to.

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Aquarium hardware build / layout


aquarium build

  • Fluval Roma 120 Tank and cabinet -eBay – used
  • MarsAqua 300w dimmable full spectrum LED light – eBay – new – Review to come
  • DIY water fill system – Wickes – build steps to come
  • AquaManta EFX 200 External Filter – Maidenhead Aquatics – Review to come
  • Water proof enclosure for mains power – ToolStation

The idea is to reinforce the cabinet that came with the tank and make the center panel removable. To create a water fill system so there is no need to be gluging water into the tank or putting a bucket on a shelf for a gravity fed system and finally, a tidy place for the external filter and all the power/wiring that the tank will be using.

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Team90 goes on HERO Lejog 2014

What is HERO LeJog?

“The 6th December 2014 will see the start of the 20th edition of the Land’s End to John O’Groats Classic Reliability Trial & Tour, the toughest event of its kind in Europe and possibly the world. Known to everyone as Le Jog (it even featured on a TV quiz show – “what event runs under the acronym Le Jog”), this Iconic event continues to attract crews from across the world and has become a “must do” on the wish list of all classic car enthusiasts.

HERO LeJog 2014 Team90 HERO LeJog 2014 HERO LeJog 2014

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